How to fix yum update failure blaming “qpid-cpp”

I’ve just tried to update one of my CentOS 6.2 servers that was built from an older AMI, only to find that the yum update command stopped unexpectedly with several dependency errors. They all pointed to something called “qpid”, and I must admit that I’ve never heard of it – nor did I know that it was installed.

The long list ended with the following suggestion:

And why not indeed, since yum is so nice to give us suggestions. I’ve tired running “yum update –skip-broken” and got the following message:

Looks like this didn’t quite work either.

The Solution

Turns out this is actually a bug in yum, and it’s been fixed in newer versions of CentOS. All I had to do to make it work is first uninstall both culprit packages, and then re-install them just in case they are needed.

Let’s uninstall them:


Culprits removed. Now bring them back with

and we’re done. Now yum update works fine again without any error messages.

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