How to redeem a Steam Key

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The Steam Desktop client has suffered some severe bouts of feature creep over the years. As such, I’m having a hard time doing the simplest things sometimes. Case in point: where and how do I activate a key I’ve been given. This relatively simple task could perhaps be a little more prominent, but alas it’s buried in the tiniest menu that’s easily overlooked.

Launch the Steam client and take a look at the mess of sales messages and icons. There’s a super tiny mini menu stashed above that other larger and more prominent menu. Can you see it? Right at the very top?

It’s the one that reads Steam, View, Friends, Games and Help and NOT the one in capital letters with arrows at the front. Yeah that one that looks like it’s not actually a menu at all. Nice job, Design Team!

So on that super tiny menu, select Games. That brings up a drop-down menu that has an option called Activate a Product on Steam.

That’s how you do that. This is probably one for Assholedesign on Reddit.

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