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Child Theme Wizard is a super simple plugin that creates a starting point for child theme development, based on any theme you have installed.

Child Theme Wizard – Version 1.4 released

I’ve pushed a new version of my Child Theme Wizard plugin to WordPress today. While the changes are very simple, the implications of this update are rather significant for using child themes. From time to time, best practices for how to create your child theme change. This has happened several times over the course of … Read more

Child Theme Wizard – Version 1.1 released

I’ve released a new version of my popular Child Theme Wizard plugin today. Everything remains the same, except for one thing: the parent theme is no longer loaded via CSS, it’s now being loaded via PHP. Let me explain why. When I wrote this little tool in 2014, the best practice to create a child … Read more

Introducing Child Theme Wizard for WordPress

I’ve just finished writing a new WordPress Plugin to help you create Child Themes with a single click, and no need for any external tools. The Child Theme Wizard is a super slim assistant which can be accessed under Tools – Child Theme Wizard. Pick a Parent Theme, enter additional information, click Create Child Theme … Read more