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How to fix “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved” message in Dreamweaver

Adobe_Dreamweaver_CS6_IconWordPress is made up of over 70 files which may be called to display your site. Dreamweaver has a handy feature with which it lets you discover all those files.

Sometimes this works great – and sometimes you get the error message above. I was stumped by this when a site I was working on seemingly threw Dreamweaver overnight. Was was going on?

The secret is Permalinks.

Dreamweaver has a problem discovering and resolving related files if you’ve set Permalinks to anything other than the default. This problem has been around for a while, ever since the introduction of this feature in fact.

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How to define Javascript Behaviours in Dreamweaver

Adobe_Dreamweaver_CS6_IconDreamweaver keeps on giving – and the more I’m looking into it, the more I like how it can support me. Today I discovered that you can define Javascript Behaviours without writing a single line of code.

This can only be good news – especially if Javascript is one of those things that always looks a bit scary.

Here’s how to make Dreamweaver create code that can hide an element, and bring it back.

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How to detect screen width in CSS

CSS-LogoHave you ever wondered how a website can look great on your desktop and appear reformatted on your phone? The secret sauce is done via CSS Media Queries.

In a nutshell you define your styles for larger screens, and then override those styles with more mobile friendly options if the screen is smaller. You can specify the exact width which allows even to detect if someone is holding their device portrait or landscape.

Let’s look at how this can be accomplished with CSS rules.

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How to update jQuery Mobile in Dreamweaver CS6

Adobe_Dreamweaver_CS6_IconSince the release of Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 the jQuery and jQuery Mobile libraries have been updated. This means that when you create a new Mobile Starter page, you’ll get outdated libraries by default.

With a bit of hacking we can change this to the most current version though. Let me show you how it worked for me – many thanks to Greg’s article on how to do this in Dreamweaver CS5.5.

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