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How to deploy HyperDB

Ever since I’ve started experimenting with HyperDB I thought that once I’ve got enough servers at my disposal, and if I ever figure out how to setup MySQL replication I’d bring the two together. I believe that day has finally come: HyperDB is now deployed across over 60 sites I’m taking care of.

I want to share with you my configuration and some of the pitfalls I’ve come across – if it helps, great. But mainly these notes are for me to remember how I did it when the next cluster needs to be built.

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Testing HyperDB

I’m as excited as a kid in a candystore! I’ve heard a lot about HyperDB and what can be done with it, and I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to implement it on the sites I’m hosting. And today my friends I’m proud to say that IT WORKS A TREAT!

Hyper What?

Let me tell you a bit about HyperDB. It’s another super cool Automattic project fronted by Matt, Andy, Ryan and Blogluftwaffe. It’s a rather complex plugin for WordPress that will let you specify more than one Database Server. In a high production environment your one and only Database Server can get busy or even crash and die – so all websites would be down until you restart it.

HyperDB solves this by letting you specify several servers in the handy db-config.php file. You can set one as master server for write queries and several others for read queries. This means that the master server doesn’t get bothered with read queries while several other servers can deal with those. If one read server dies, the others can pick up the slack. It’s genius!

The Experiment

Before a general roll-out to live sites a little test might be an idea. Currently I have three servers at my disposal and a dev site for testing. All servers are running CentOS 5 in a mixture of 32-bit and 64-bit installations, with Plesk 9.3/9.5 on them. Here’s my setup:

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