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How to avoid hyphenations in TwentyFifteen by Automattic

By default, TwentyFifteen will hyphenate text on posts and pages. This works well for most, but some find this feature annoying. It’s easy to override with a small CSS tweak – let me show you how. Here’s what a post might look like by default: Notice the hyphenations in lines 3 and 4. Now add … Read more

How to link to graphic assets within WordPress Themes

When you’re displaying graphics that are served from your own theme directory, hard coding is never a good idea. In fact it’s impossible because you don’t know your user’s URL. There are a couple of built-in WordPress functions that can help us here. One of them is called get_stylesheet_directory_uri which returns the URL to your … Read more

What is a Favicon?

Its this tiny little graphic that gets displayed in your browser when you’re visiting certain websites (left of the URL). Technically it’s a file called “favicon.ico” in the root directory of your installation. It’s a 16×16 pixel graphic in either ICO, JPG or PNG format. For details, check Wikipedia’s excellent article: If you’d like … Read more

How to shorten the_content() in WordPress Themes

If you’ve ever created a WordPress Theme and you’re not happy with the way it outputs text to your theme, you might be interested in a handy plugin called the_excerpt_reloaded(). You can shorten the number of words being printed to screen you can add a handy “Read More” or whatever link allow or disallow certain … Read more