How to change your user name’s colour in Twitch Chat

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Sometimes we may prefer a different colour for our user name as it appears in the Twitch chat. Perhaps there’s too many blue people here already, or that retina burning fire-red is just a little too saturated and kills the mood.

Thankfully we have a few options, and I thought I’d let you know about them.

Readable Colours

The first option is to use what Twitch call “readable colours”. Lately it’s been enabled by default, but in case yours is not, or you’d like to see the “un-readable” version, here’s how you do that:

  • click the little gear icon in the chat
  • switch to non-mod settings
  • select Chat Appearance
  • and enable/disable the option “readable colours”

As a result, colours are less saturated and look a bit more human (rather than programmed by coder with colour blindness).

Defining a colour value

You can also use the /color command to pick a specific value like this:

/color [value]

As “value”, pick any of the following options and see your user name change colour soonish… (probably not with the next message, but the one after that). Note that capitals do not seem to matter:

  • Blue
  • Coral
  • DodgerBlue
  • SpringGreen
  • YellowGreen
  • Green
  • OrangeRed
  • Red
  • GoldenRod
  • HotPink
  • CadetBlue
  • SeaGreen
  • Chocolate
  • BlueViolet
  • Firebrick

For example, to change my colour to a very favourite GoldenRod (a type of golden yellow), I’d type this in chat:

/color goldenrod

Some users can also use Hex Values, like the ones you’d use in CSS colour definitions. Twitch states that this applies to Turbo subscribers only, but I as the broadcaster can do it (I have yet to try it as a viewer). To change my colour to a medium grey, I can use something like this:

/color #555555

Happy colouring!

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