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Sometimes we have to dive deep into some scary code to make a theme or plugin do what we want. Here are some articles that deal with such things.

Keep in mind that software evolves fast and a tweak that worked a year ago may not work anymore today.

How to style THESIS by DIYThemes

Thesis is one of THE most amazing premium themes there is. Nearly every element of your website can be amended and styled thanks to the use of hooks.

It’s got a vast array or user options in the back end and I’m not lying when I say they’re the most sophisticated I have ever seen in a premium theme.

When you decide to buy the theme, you’ll get access to a huge moderated members only forum so all your install/how-to/troubleshooting/styling questions will be answered promptly.

At the time of writing, Thesis is at version 1.8. Consider getting it before version 2.0 hits the market – Chris Pearson has hinted at a hefty (and well deserved) price increase from then on – which won’t be applicable for version 1.x subscribers! You can get Thesis here.

Whenever I built a new site, I often start with Thesis – which is why I often have to tweak some defaults to my liking. Here are the small bits of code I always forget where to find:

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Themes and where to get the Good Ones

There are literally thousands of WordPress Themes out there on the net. Here’s a list of repositories you can have a look at and see which one’s right for you. I sometimes review Themes and give you an in-depth description of the pros and cons – check out all I’ve written on this topic here. … Read more

Mansion: a Photoblogging Extravaganza

I’ve just come across this wonderful theme and wanted to share it with you immediately:

MANSION by Chandra Maharzan is a Photoblogging Extravaganza. It automatically turns your site into a dimmed-out photo wall. Each thumbnail then links to the post it comes from – you don’t lift a finger to make it look super swish. And best of all: it’s FREE!

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How to modify an existing theme

All WordPress Themes are released under the GNU, which means you’re free to amend and modify them as you please. That’s good news if you come across a layout that you like to 90%, and you’re up for the challenge to get down and dirty with some code. The WordPress Codex is very good at … Read more

WordPress Themes

Here are some sites to check out for FREE WordPress Themes: I’ll amend this list if and when I discover more – drop me a line of a resource you can think of.

How to shorten the_content() in WordPress Themes

If you’ve ever created a WordPress Theme and you’re not happy with the way it outputs text to your theme, you might be interested in a handy plugin called the_excerpt_reloaded(). You can shorten the number of words being printed to screen you can add a handy “Read More” or whatever link allow or disallow certain … Read more