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Refreshing a License Key in Plesk

This morning I encountered an odd error on one of my Plesk servers: it wouldn’t let me log in, with an error message like this: I’ve tried running the Plesk repair tool, which found some errors and corrected them, but it kept telling me that that spurious repository could not be opened. I found this … Read more

How to fix the MS-Gaming Overlay popup message in Windows 10

We’ve recently installed DS4 Windows on Julia’s PC so that she could play Fortnite with her PS4 controller. The moment we did this Windows started complaining that ms-gaming overlay link needs to have some app installed, with a link to the Windows Store that never completed installing an app we didn’t want in the first … Read more

How to see Footsteps and Chests in Fortnite

Loot chests and footsteps are audio effects in Fortnite that can be heard thanks to spacial sound. To pinpoint their exact location we need stereo headphones or good speakers. Not all of us have either, so the developers added an option visualize these effects with icons, letting us see where players are coming from, and … Read more