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How to fix the “Press This” 404 Error

If you’re not already using Press This, maybe now’s a good time to start. Press This is a for you if you’d like to share excertps from other websites on your own site. It’s a simple Javascript bookmarklet that opens a new window with a link to the site you’re on. It then lets you add pictures, text and post it to your site – just as if you’re writing a new post. It’s genious! Find it under “Tools” and drag the link to your browser bar – no installation needed, it’ll only be a simple bookmark.

However, on some sites the new window brings up a 404 error, indicating that something’s amiss. Turns out that WordPress is getting confused about certain mod-rewrite rules or something… Whatever the reason: Fret not, there’s an easy solution to fix this (thanks to Blogmum and the WordPress Forum for these instructions).

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How to get advertising banners for your site

My experiences with both Amazon Widgets and Google Ads is simple: they don’t work – all they do is ruin my sites. I’ve not made a penny with them, keeping in mind I run about 20 sites which amounts to plenty of traffic. I believe we as surfers know what an “unhelpful” ad looks like … Read more

How to repair MySQL tables from the Command Line

Sometimes your tables crash and your website is unresponsive. You don’t have access to phpMyAdmin to do a repair, because you can’t access Plesk. That sucks! When you’re out in the field and all that’s at hand is a trusty SSH connection from your mobile, here’s an alternative way to bring your WordPress Sites back … Read more

Where are the Backup Files in Plesk?

By default, they’re located in /var/lib/psa/dumps It’s useful to clear this directory out every once in a while, especially because Plesk doesn’t overwrite old backups. So if you ever find that you’re using 60GB of storage on your system, but are fully aware that your entire site shouln’t be bigger than 100MB, then this is … Read more