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How to install and secure Dovecot in Plesk 12

I’ve just installed the Dovecot Mail Service on one of my Plesk 12 servers. It’s an alternative to the old favourite Courier IMAP/POP and a new addition in Plesk 12. Dovecot does more or less the same as Courier (i.e. lets you receive mail), but it’s a bit more configurable and debug friendly. It also offers … Read more

How to secure SMTP, POP and IMAP connections in Plesk

You’ve installed an SSL Certificate to secure your Plesk Panel, you’ve tested it with an SSL checker and sure enough: the ugly warning window doesn’t bother you or your customers anymore. But your email client still says that the server doesn’t have a valid certificate. What gives? The secret is this: SMTP, IMAP and POP3 … Read more