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Thoughts on Windows 10 Upgrade Error 0xc190020e

My first generation Surface Pro only has 64GB of space, roughly 20 of which I’m allowed to use (the rest of it is kind of forever “lost in cyberspace” – or so it seems). It’s been running all Windows 10 updates fine until a few months ago, when Windows kept bugging me that the latest security patches needed to be installed.

I was happily running Version 1703 up to that point and never had an issue with space limitations or deferring updates. Until early 2018, when Microsoft started  aggressively forcing the Fall Creator’s Update down my throat. 

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How to update Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 – despite Microsoft Database Daemon and SyncServicesAgent errors

Every time I try to update Microsoft Office 2011 on my Mac I get this ridiculous window popping up. No matter how hard you try, those two services – Microsoft Database Daemon and SyncServicesAgent – keep relaunching themselves, forever preventing you to apply the update. Clearly Microsoft (or Apple) don’t want us to update Office for … Read more

How to disable update notifications in WordPress

wordpress_iconsSometimes “new” doesn’t always mean “better” or “suitable”.

Sometimes we require older versions of plugins and I’d rather WordPress would not tell me that there’s a newer version available. After all, I might accidentally update a plugin – or perhaps my clients do, breaking the site or overwriting customisations.

Let’s take a look at how we can disable those notifications, both for single plugins and for the entire site.

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