How to change “View with Piclens” message in NextGen Gallery

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Alex Rabe’s NextGen Gallery plugin is certainly the best there is, even though I find it a tad too complex at times. I love it though, and I use it on all my sites whenever I want to upload a batch of pictures and insert them into my posts with little hassle and great convenience.

One thing that bugs me though is the message that reads

[View with Piclens] above my thumbnails, which gives the viewer a chance to see my gallery as a slideshow. It’s a great feature.

Trouble is, nobody actually knows what PicLens is or what it does – including myself, let alone my readers.

Lucky for us, it’s fairly easy to fix – let me show you how:

Thanks to Version 1.61, you won’t need that fix anymore: now you can change this in the Plugin settings – phew πŸ˜‰

The key is in a file you can find in this plugin’s folder called /view/gallery.php.

By default, the full path to this file is wp-content/plugins/nextgex-gallery/view/gallery.php).

Have a browse and see if you can find this code halfway down the file:

<?php if ($gallery->show_piclens) { ?>
<!-- Piclense link -->
<a href="<?php echo $gallery->piclens_link ?>">
<?php _e('[View with PicLens]','nggallery'); ?>
<?php } ?>

See the bit where it says [View with PicLens]? That’s what gets displayed. Change the text inside the single quotes to anything you like – maybe something along the lines of View as SLIDESHOW perhaps.

Make sure you don’t use any special characters here – numbers, letters and spaces only please!

One thing to keep in mind – with any change you make to the source code – is that as soon as you upgrade to a new version of the plugin, your changes will be overwritten. Just in case [View with PicLens] ever comes back from its grave to haunt you again…

Have fun πŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “How to change “View with Piclens” message in NextGen Gallery”

  1. Thanks buddy u saved me πŸ™‚
    Is it possible to put any image or icon in that place?
    If so can u please tell me; I am not a great devloper

  2. Glad to hear it Anil!

    That’s an interesting idea with the logo in place of the link. Try this: Replace line 3 (the one that starts with <?php_e…) with something like this:

    <img src="">

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