How to create Rotating Ads on your site

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I was looking for a solution that displays more than just one advert or banner in one spot. Say I have some space in my sidebar and I wanted to display some adverts there – but I don’t want them to be the same one all the time.

I’d like a solution that upon a page refresh gives me a random banner out of a selection that I can define.

Enter Datafeeder’s Random Ads V2 Plugin!

As if these people had read my mind, this amazing plugin does exactly what I had imagined in my dreams:

You can define several groups of banner codes (say one for vertical sidebar banners, one for pre-post horizontal banners, etc). You can add as many groups as you like, and add as many “code-snippets” as you like to each group.

Then the plugin gives you a piece of vode for each group that you can either display as a sidebar widget, or embed into your template file.

Have a look at this video which explains how it all works. Don’t you just LOVE screencasts?

Get this plugin from the WordPress Repository or visit the Plugin Homepage for more details.

Have fun πŸ™‚

You dont’ HAVE to use this plugin for adverts. Imagine rotating headers, random pictures, random links, random quotes, random posts or pages, random products. The sky’s your limit!

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