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What is a “Point Release”?

With the arrival of WordPress 2.8.5, I mentioned to my good friend Dave Lee that this is a “point release”. He didn’t quite know what that meant, so I thought maybe I’ll share the knowledge. Many if not all software projects have regular improvements that the coders come up with. Usually for reasons for security … Read more

Where is php.ini on a Linux Server?

By default, it’s located in /etc/php.ini In this file, you can set your upload limits, memory limits, safe mode and many other settings that you may wish to change. Before saving permanent changes to this file please consider the following: CREATE A BACKUP before saving all changes will be live AFTER REBOOTING your machine all … Read more

How to avoid Server Crashes with WordPress

WordPress has many pros for content creators like ourselves, but every once in a while there’s a big con that can get in the way of WordPress Fun. One of them is really annoying: when your website becomes regularly unavailable due to a server crash! Even though a reboot brings things back to normal for … Read more

How to link YouTube and your self-hosted WordPress

YouTube allows you to easily share videos on many popular blogging platforms, such as Blogger and WordPress. With the latter, you can either link your account, or your self hosted blog. I tried this several times, only to find an unexplained error message on YouTube. Finally, thanks to The Social Media Guide, I know … Read more

How to embed YouTube videos in HD quality

Since YouTube are offerning higher quality playback, surely there should be an easy way to embed videos in this grandiose new quality too. There is indeed, even though YouTube are not very forthcoming with how this works. Fret not, the Guru can help you! You know how to embed a standard video into your posts/websites? … Read more

WordPress Themes

Here are some sites to check out for FREE WordPress Themes: I’ll amend this list if and when I discover more – drop me a line of a resource you can think of.