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How to force Safari to never open ZIP files again

I love Safari – but it has an ultra annoying habit on new installations: it’s trying to be helpful by automatically unzipping ZIP files. It’s the most unuseful feature ever for a techie ever. Thankfully we can switch it off – something you only need to do once every 5 years, and hence it’s easily forgotten … Read more

How to clear your Browser Cache

Web Browsers like to save websites that you’ve visited earlier to speed up how quickly they can be displayed. Everything that should be downloaded from the web is saved as local files (up to a point), and if a browser sees that you’re visiting site again that you’ve just been to, he serves the saved … Read more

How to open a URL in Safari programmatically

Instead of loading a URL into a UIWebView we can also launch Safari to display it: UIApplication *mySafari = [UIApplication sharedApplication]; NSURL *myURL = [[NSURL alloc]initWithString:@””; [mySafari openURL:myURL]; The method returns a BOOL value which will feed back if this operation was a success or not: if (![mySafari openURL:myURL]) { // opening didn’t work } […]