How to transfer Lonely Mountains: Downhill Saves from Xbox Game Pass to Steam

I’ve had Lonely Mountains: Downhill on my wishlist for a while and was overjoyed when I played via PC Game Pass. I bought the Steam version when it was on sale (and the PS4 version too, because I really love it), and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my game progress … Read more

How to disable Discord Audio Notifications

Have you disabled every possible notification setting and the Discord Desktop App still beeps every 3 seconds? Yeah, it does that. There’s a setting for that, but they keep it secret just to annoy us all, buried in the other 90 trillion options they thought would be a hoot to feature creep into the Settings. … Read more

The Yeti Nano and how to use it

So I’ve bought a Yeti Nano, thinking it might be a nice addition as a mic for meetings on my main PC. Having enjoyed the original Blue Yeti, and liking the sound of the Yeti X for my streams and recordings, a second backup mini Yeti sounded like a great idea. Turns out it wasn’t … Read more

Running Stable Diffusion on Windows with Web Server

I’ve successfully installed Stable Diffusion on my local Windows rig! It’s been a little painful, and the process is likely to change over time, but here’s what worked for me. I’ll also share the start/stop commands below (because I’m likely going to forget by tomorrow). Installation Steps install Git install Conda (it’s a package manager … Read more

How to remove the Controller Rumble feature in Spirit of the North

After thoroughly enjoying Stray, I thought I’d give Spirit of the North a try. It also features a four-legged little hero, and while it may not be as cute and perfect as Stray, it’s a nice relaxing puzzle adventure. Sadly there’s no option to disable the Controller Rumble feature. I’m playing with a Luna controller, … Read more