How to disable all Multiplayer Features in ELDEN RING

TLDR: On the Main Menu, under Settings – Network – Launch Setting, enable Play Offline I was playing ELDEN RING on my PS4 the last couple of weeks, without being a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Without it, the game warns upon startup that all multiplayer feature are disabled. That suits me just fine, I don’t really … Read more

Exporting commands from the Streamlabs Chatbot

The other day I wanted to use the local Streamlabs Chatbot for both my Twitch and YouTube streams. Turns out when I restart it for the other streaming service, my custom commands and settings are not automatically linked, they’re stored separately. I wanted to import all those little shortcuts and quotes I have stored for … Read more

Discord Announcement Channels and how to make them work

A bunch of us wanted to make these fabled Discord Announcement channels work. It’s a feature available on Community Servers that lets you follow a channel from another server, so that that server’s announcements appear in your own server (and vice versa). In essence a way of subscribing to another server’s notifications. You may have … Read more

Removing an EFI Partition on an external drive in Windows 10

I often format drives with operating systems other than Windows. When I want to re-use those drives for something Windows related, I have trouble formatting them because there’s a protected EFI Partition that Disk Management can’t get get rid of. Here’s such an example: all options are greyed out, and I’m left with a 200MB … Read more