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How to transfer Lonely Mountains: Downhill Saves from Xbox Game Pass to Steam

I’ve had Lonely Mountains: Downhill on my wishlist for a while and was overjoyed when I played via PC Game Pass. I bought the Steam version when it was on sale (and the PS4 version too, because I really love it), and I was wondering if there was a way to transfer my game progress … Read more

How to remove the Controller Rumble feature in Spirit of the North

After thoroughly enjoying Stray, I thought I’d give Spirit of the North a try. It also features a four-legged little hero, and while it may not be as cute and perfect as Stray, it’s a nice relaxing puzzle adventure. Sadly there’s no option to disable the Controller Rumble feature. I’m playing with a Luna controller, … Read more

How to re-map Game Controller Input on Steam

The Steam allows you to use most console controllers to play games on PC, even those that have not native controller support builtin. Steam does this by allowing us to re-map mouse and keyboard inputs to any of the buttons/sticks/triggers of the controller. It’s an incredibly finnickity process though and I freuqently forget how to … Read more