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How to fix the MS-Gaming Overlay popup message in Windows 10

We’ve recently installed DS4 Windows on Julia’s PC so that she could play Fortnite with her PS4 controller. The moment we did this Windows started complaining that ms-gaming overlay link needs to have some app installed, with a link to the Windows Store that never completed installing an app we didn’t want in the first … Read more

How to disable Windows Updates FOREVER

Julia has recently found out how to disable Windows updates and I thought I’d make a video about it, and provide some written instructions too in case I forget. Windows updates have ruined my streaming PC one too many times, and I cannot rely on them to work whenever I need the system. While I … Read more

How to find out what wakes up your Windows Computer

My wife’s computer keeps waking up after she puts it to sleep, or after the computer goes to sleep by itself. It’s… disturbing. Thankfully there’s a relatively easy to way to query why this happens and action it accordingly. Bring up a Command Prompt window by searching for cmd, then type the following: powercfg -lastwake … Read more