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WordPress 3.0 is here – but should you upgrade today?

Fellow WordPressers,

Looks like the big news just broke – WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” is here (that’s named after Jazz pianist Thelonious Monk by the way). You may have seen an upgrade notice in your dashboard already that urges you to upgrade.

Which is why I thought I’d drop you a message:


This is especially important to users of the WP Ecommerce Plugin, which IS NOT compatible with WordPress 3.0 (I’m thinking of Davey Lee from Western Straia here). Trust me, I’ve tried it on my Beta Site. It’s all tears and no joy from there.

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How to change “View with Piclens” message in NextGen Gallery

Alex Rabe’s NextGen Gallery plugin is certainly the best there is, even though I find it a tad too complex at times. I love it though, and I use it on all my sites whenever I want to upload a batch of pictures and insert them into my posts with little hassle and great convenience.

One thing that bugs me though is the message that reads

[View with Piclens] above my thumbnails, which gives the viewer a chance to see my gallery as a slideshow. It’s a great feature.

Trouble is, nobody actually knows what PicLens is or what it does – including myself, let alone my readers.

Lucky for us, it’s fairly easy to fix – let me show you how:

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How to create Rotating Ads on your site

I was looking for a solution that displays more than just one advert or banner in one spot. Say I have some space in my sidebar and I wanted to display some adverts there – but I don’t want them to be the same one all the time.

I’d like a solution that upon a page refresh gives me a random banner out of a selection that I can define.

Enter Datafeeder’s Random Ads V2 Plugin!

As if these people had read my mind, this amazing plugin does exactly what I had imagined in my dreams:

You can define several groups of banner codes (say one for vertical sidebar banners, one for pre-post horizontal banners, etc). You can add as many groups as you like, and add as many “code-snippets” as you like to each group. Continue reading How to create Rotating Ads on your site

How to modify MANSION by GraphPaper Press

I wanted to use Mansion for my Miami Beach Huts website. It was ideally suited, however all my images are portrait instead of landscape. Some tweaks were necessary which I thought I’d share with you for endless hours of fun.

I wrote this for Version 0.2 of this theme. A few things have changed since then, especially the documentation. Keep that in mind while I’ll talk you through some tips and tricks of MANSION.

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How to style THESIS by DIYThemes

Thesis is one of THE most amazing premium themes there is. Nearly every element of your website can be amended and styled thanks to the use of hooks.

It’s got a vast array or user options in the back end and I’m not lying when I say they’re the most sophisticated I have ever seen in a premium theme.

When you decide to buy the theme, you’ll get access to a huge moderated members only forum so all your install/how-to/troubleshooting/styling questions will be answered promptly.

At the time of writing, Thesis is at version 1.8. Consider getting it before version 2.0 hits the market – Chris Pearson has hinted at a hefty (and well deserved) price increase from then on – which won’t be applicable for version 1.x subscribers! You can get Thesis here.

Whenever I built a new site, I often start with Thesis – which is why I often have to tweak some defaults to my liking. Here are the small bits of code I always forget where to find:

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Themes and where to get the Good Ones

There are literally thousands of WordPress Themes out there on the net. Here’s a list of repositories you can have a look at and see which one’s right for you.

I sometimes review Themes and give you an in-depth description of the pros and cons – check out all I’ve written on this topic here.

  • – this is what you can access from within the WordPress Backend under APPEARANCE – THEMES – ADD NEW and SEARCH
  • DIYthemes – the makers of the amazing Thesis Framework. This website runs on Thesis. It gives you every bit of control over your layout without having to tweak much code. I use it more and more and reccomend it to my clients. It’s not free but worth every penny. You can also purchase this through my site right here and benefit from an added installation service 😉
  • Woothemes
  • Graph Paper Press
  • Design Disease
  • The Buckmaker – I use Joe Fischler’s Aerodrome theme on Premier League News
  • Bavotasan – I use one of his themes for VIP Scoop
  • Template Monster

If you’ve found your perfect Theme but don’t quite know how to add it to your website, check out this article for detailed instructions.