Where to find a List of all Clips you’ve made from YouTube Videos

YouTube have recently introduced their new Clips Feature. These are quick and easy snippets that users can create from eligible videos, referencing a section of the original video. You can create a clip by using the little scissors icon underneath a video. When you’re done you’ll get a handy URL you can share, like this … Read more

How to upgrade Fedora in place from the Command Line

For this example I’m using Fedora 33, and will describe how to upgrade to 34. In-place upgrades work as far as two versions back, anything further will require intermediate steps. Update all packages for the current version before you start, then restart the system to make sure you’re on the latest kernel. Prerequisite: we need … Read more

How to disable Windows Updates FOREVER

Julia has recently found out how to disable Windows updates and I thought I’d make a video about it, and provide some written instructions too in case I forget. Windows updates have ruined my streaming PC one too many times, and I cannot rely on them to work whenever I need the system. While I … Read more