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How to enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Edge

I currently have an issue with literally all browsers on all my computers, for reasons that make no sense whatsoever. In desperation I tried the last option I could think of, which was Microsoft Edge. I’m still shocked that it’s currently my only option to watch YouTube streams. But hey, I’m grateful that at least … Read more

How to update the BIOS on a HP Z840 Workstation (from Windows)

I’ve been pulling my hair out about something rather simple and straightforward, namely how to update the BIOS on a HP Z840 Workstation I’ve picked up from eBay. It’s gorgeous, probably one of the best computers I’ve ever owned. I love it! While HP do have a section dedicated to drivers and updates about the … Read more

How to disable Steam Pop-Up Ads on Startup

I’ve been getting a tad tired of the sales notifications that show up whenever I start Steam on one of my systems. I had disabled this ages ago on my main computer but couldn’t remember where the setting was. Here it is: head over to Steam – Settings – Interface (that’s at the top left … Read more

How to extract a thumbnail from YouTube (in high-res without plugins)

Sometimes I need access to my YouTube thumbnails, either because I’d like to update them or because I no longer have a local copy. Here are a few ways to achieve this. Thumbnails you’ve uploaded yourself If you have already uploaded a thumbnail to a video, you can download it again in YouTube Studio. Head … Read more