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Introducing The P2 Header Ad Plugin

P2 Header Ad IconI always loved Automattic’s P2 theme: it’s one of the most innovative ideas for blogging I could find. I’m using it on several of my notebook websites, including this one. I’ve been tweaking P2 for quite some time, and one thing I wanted to do is display an advert inside the P2 header.

As you may know, P2 doesn’t like child themes very much, so I wrote a future proof solution as this handy plugin.

P2 Header Ad let’s you display an advert of your choice inside the header. And when the theme is updated, your advert stays in place. Neat, huh?

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Introducing Zen Dash

zen-treeIt is my pleasure to share with you my latest WordPress Plugin: Zen Dash. It allows you to selectively hide those Dashboard Widgets, Menu Items, Update Notifications and even Footer Links.

Inspired by Joseph Lowery and my recent post about how to do this in code, I wanted to create the same functionality without users having to use code.

After a few days of coding I really got into it and added several other features, including some nice jQuery UI tabs.

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Disk Space Pie Chart – Version 0.5 released

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 18.46.50I’ve just released a small update for my Disk Space Pie Chart plugin for WordPress.

The new version addresses the following minor issues:

  • Fixed Division by Zero bug (Thanks, Jure!)
  • Tweaked some colours to better blend with WordPress Core
  • Added MySQL Server Version

The update was inspired by Jure di Mephit who very kindly gave me a tip on how to fix a bug in July last year… I didn’t find the time to write that update until now. Hey, better late than never. Thanks again, Jure πŸ˜‰

Find more info about the plugin here, or download it for free from the WordPress Repository.

How to style the Tumblr Widget Sidebar Plugin

tumblr-logoI’ve been recently using Tumblr more to post sketches from all kinds of devices, and naturally I wanted to embed them in some of my websites’ sidebars.

I found the extremely helpful Tumblr Widget plugin by Gabriel Roth for this: install, drag in the widget add Tumblr URL. Done!

I wanted my images to be in a size that the widget didn’t offer, so I did some tweaking – perhaps it’ll help if you’re in a similar situation.

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Disk Space Pie Chart – Version 0.4

I’ve committed a new version of Disk Space Pie Chart today.

This maintenance release fixes a display bug in the Dashbaord Widget in WordPress 3.2. Thanks to Dan from IFSA Butler for bringing this to my attention.

While I was at it I’ve also fixed some of the internal workings of this plugin:

  • Fixed dashboard widget display in WordPress 3.2 (Thanks Dan!)
  • Replaced hard coded links with dynamic ones
  • Updated Folder Structure in accordance with WordPress Best Coding Standards
  • Added default unit value for first-time-user (now defaults to GB rather than nothing)
  • Changed Donation Link (Buy me a Coffee now goes to this website)

You can download Version 0.4 from the official WordPress Repository or use the automated upgrade option.

Have fun πŸ˜‰

Snapshot Backup Plugin for WordPress

I’ve just finished writing a new WordPress Plugin which creates a Snapshot Backup of your entire website: that’s your Database, current WP Core, all your Themes, Plugins and Uploads. The resulting single archive file is then uploaded to an FTP repository of your choice.

Peace of mind included πŸ˜‰

Download from the official WordPress Repository

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Disk Space Pie Chart Plugin

I’ve written a Plugin that shows your free and used server space as a funky Pie Chart in your backend. It also shows a percentage bar in your WordPress dahsboard.

Following the success of my server space script for one of my clients, I thought it would be great to use it under WordPress. This Plugin was inspired by Richard who came to host with me after being on for some years. He really liked to keep track of how much space he has left to upload pictures and I was happy to take on this challenge.

Special thanks again to Rasmus Peters for his amazing PHP Pie Chart Script πŸ˜‰

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Adios IntenseDebate!

For those of you following comments on my sites via IntenseDebate, I’m sorry to say that I’ve decided not to use the system anymore. I used it here on WP Guru and over at to provide an easier commenting experience for my readers and more comfortable back end features for myself.

Turns out it wasn’t all that good for either of us I guess. Let me explain.

Please be aware that you need to re-subscribe to topics if you still want to follow them via email.

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Testing HyperDB

I’m as excited as a kid in a candystore! I’ve heard a lot about HyperDB and what can be done with it, and I’ve been thinking how cool it would be to implement it on the sites I’m hosting. And today my friends I’m proud to say that IT WORKS A TREAT!

Hyper What?

Let me tell you a bit about HyperDB. It’s another super cool Automattic project fronted by Matt, Andy, Ryan and Blogluftwaffe. It’s a rather complex plugin for WordPress that will let you specify more than one Database Server. In a high production environment your one and only Database Server can get busy or even crash and die – so all websites would be down until you restart it.

HyperDB solves this by letting you specify several servers in the handy db-config.php file. You can set one as master server for write queries and several others for read queries. This means that the master server doesn’t get bothered with read queries while several other servers can deal with those. If one read server dies, the others can pick up the slack. It’s genius!

The Experiment

Before a general roll-out to live sites a little test might be an idea. Currently I have three servers at my disposal and a dev site for testing. All servers are running CentOS 5 in a mixture of 32-bit and 64-bit installations, with Plesk 9.3/9.5 on them. Here’s my setup:

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How to change “View with Piclens” message in NextGen Gallery

Alex Rabe’s NextGen Gallery plugin is certainly the best there is, even though I find it a tad too complex at times. I love it though, and I use it on all my sites whenever I want to upload a batch of pictures and insert them into my posts with little hassle and great convenience.

One thing that bugs me though is the message that reads

[View with Piclens] above my thumbnails, which gives the viewer a chance to see my gallery as a slideshow. It’s a great feature.

Trouble is, nobody actually knows what PicLens is or what it does – including myself, let alone my readers.

Lucky for us, it’s fairly easy to fix – let me show you how:

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