How to update your Xbox Controller Firmware from Windows

I have a ton of PlayStation controllers, but some Windows apps prefer a native Xbox controller so a month ago I bit the bullet and bought one. Huge mistake. The thing worked when connected via USB, but I had no luck connecting it to basically ANYTHING wireless. Two Windows PCs, two iOS devices, a Steam … Read more

How to use your Apple AirPort Time Capsule as NAS without being a router

When I got a new WiFi router, I’ve retired my old AirPort Time Capsule from being my main network hub. One thing I was missing from my setup though was the network attached Time Capsule functionality so that my Macs can use it Time Machine backups. Turns out the Time Capsules actually have an option … Read more

Fixed: MacOS keeps asking for your Keychain Password

I had an issue with one of my Intel Macs yesterday: after resetting the admin password, several services kept asking for the Keychain Password. No matter what I typed in, these windows kept coming up, and cancelling out of them didn’t help. MacOS was stuck in an endless loop and seemingly couldn’t be broken. Here’s … Read more

Installing Fedora on a HP Z840 with M2 Drive

I’ve run into a problem installing Fedora after Windows 11 for a Dual-Boot environment on my HP Z840 Workstation. Although Fedora recognised other drives on the system, my Windows drive and its remaining space did not show up. This was a Samsung EVO 970 drive I had left about half un-allocated for the Linux installation. … Read more

How to reset the BIOS on a HP Z840 Workstation

I’ve had some spurious issues with my HP Z840 workstation recently. After transferring my data drives to a new system, the old system wouldn’t boot anymore. All fans and lights would come on, but no BIOS messages would display and the screen was dead. There were no diagnostics beeps either, which at first lead me … Read more