How to test your System RAM in Windows

I’ve added some new RAM to my desktop system, and before embarking on mission critical projects I thought it best to test if it was working correctly. On previous occasions I’ve always relied on the built-in BIOS tool, but I felt in the mood for something new and researched if there was a built-in tool … Read more

Where does Steam store your Screenshots?

There’s a helpful that displays your screenshots under View – Screenshots. This will open the Screenshots Manager. You can find this when you’re not in Big Picture mode. From here you can upload your work to Steam, set its visibility and give it a caption. You can also filter by game in the drop-down that … Read more

Fixed: macOS can’t send images in Messages

I had an issue on my Mac Mini (with macOS 10.15 Catalina) in that it didn’t want to send images in the Messages app anymore. Texts could through fine, but every time I added an image, it tried to send it for several minutes and always aborted with a “can’t deliver” error. Subsequent attempts to … Read more

How to use AirPods with an Apple TV on a different account

Both my wife and I have a pair of super snazzy AirPods Pro (2nd generation). It’s a marvel of modern engineering. We both have independent iCloud accounts, and although we’re family sharing things, only my AirPods appear in my Apple TV’s settings. I wondered if there was away for her to watch TV with the … Read more