How to setup a RAID on the HP Z800 Workstation

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve played with performance or redundancy RAID setups. The advent of SSDs made most of the computers I’ve owned rather fast enough for what I’m doing. I’m editing more and more videos these days, my projects are getting more complex, and as such I thought something even faster than … Read more

How to mount Disk Drives to Folders in Windows

One of the Linux features I love the most is how you can easily map your content locations to directories. Be that with physical drives or via symbolic links. I had no idea these concepts even existed in Windows (much like File Permissions – who would have thought). Thanks to one of my Ko-fi supporters, … Read more

How to enable WiFi on a MacBook Pro in Fedora

I’ve recently given Fedora a spin on my MacBook Pro (2011 vintage). While it installed fine, the WiFi card inside it was not recognised by default. From what I understand there is a Linux driver for the card, but the software around it is so restrictive that the driver cannot be included in the official … Read more